Date         Show Society       Judge

11th January Boston (No CC’s)    Mr J Fox (Hillsted)

15th January Manchester          Mr M King

7th March    Crufts              Mr D Ericsson (Raglan)

28th March   Scottish Breeds     Mrs I Rose (Jopeta)

4th April    National Terrier    Mr A Torbet (Newtonglen)

11th April   WHWT Club Of England Mr Walter Berghauser (Von steinberg)

25th April   WELKS Mrs           Mr K Bartlett (Dilwencia)

 9th May     Birmingham National Mrs M Johnston

16th May     Scottish Kennel Club Mr A Brace ***

22nd May     Bath                Miss Sheila Jenkins (Kilowana)

30st May     Southern Counties   Ms P Heikkinen-Lehkonen (Finland)

 4th June    Three Counties      Mr T west ***(Tomlyndon)

20th June    Border Union        Mr Rob Hill (Olton)

26th June    Blackpool (No CC’s) Mr J Horswell

2nd July     Windsor             Miss Nicola Foster *** (Thozow)

 10th July   East of England     Mrs Julie Wall (Pebabby)

18th July (TBC) Southern WHWTC   Mrs Wendy Corri (Inverglen)

26h July     Leeds                Mrs Kirsten Fox (Hillsted)

 1st August  Paington            Mrs M Torbet (Newtonglen)

10th August  Bournemouth         Mr P Bakewell

22th August  Welsh Kennel Club   Mr J Griffin (Burlemere)

30th August  Scottish Kennel Club Mrs M. Purchon (Lindenka)

30th August  City of Birmingham  Mrs Muriel Coy (Cedarfell)

5th September Richmond           Mr Frank Kane

18th September Darlington        Mr Ronnie Irving

26th September Belfast           TBA

27th September North of Ireland WHWTC Miss Marie Burns (Burnese)

 3th October  Driffield (No CC’s) Mrs S Clements

 4th October  WHWTC               Mrs Tracy Gaydon (Gilbri)

10th October  South Wales         Mr Martin Phillips

25th October  Midland Counties    Miss A Ingram ***

13th December LKA                 Mr Steve Jennings (Comdale)

*** Denotes giving CC’s for the first time.


Club Open/Ltd shows & Judges 2015

25th January  Dog of the Year Competition  TBA

1 st February Black & White               Mrs Tina Squires (Bellvue)

15th March    Northern Cairn & Westie Ltd Mrs Chris Morton (Swifdon)

18th April    SWHWTC Ltd                  Mrs S MacBean

25 th April   WHWTC of Wales              Mr Ray Gaydon (Gilbri)

2 nd May      The WHWTC                   Mrs Linda Minett (Duskhunter

30th May      WHWTC of E
              (after SouthernCounties)    Mrs L. Gillott

26 th July    Northern Cairn & Westie     Mr T Lilley

22 nd August  WHWTC of Wales  

14 th November WHWTc of England           Mr Joe Roche (Sanjoc)

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