In 2006 The KC has granted the Club another set of CC’s

This show was held in conjunction with the West Highland White Terrier Club. The WHWTC of England will select the judge for dogs (Miss S Cleland-Birkfell) and the WHWTC the judge for bitches (Mr D Berry -Incheril)
Show was held at the Barony College in Dumfries , Scotland on June 24 the 2006
There was an e
vening meal and Ceilidh. A typical night out in Scotland with Optional Fancy Dress   

GettingReady ExhibitorsGettingReady
Cakes1 Cakes2

Pictured cutting the cake  is the guest of honour Robin Malcolm of Duntrune and Poltalloch. Robin Malcolm is the great grandson of Col. Edward Malcolm C.B. of Poltalloch who was heavily involved in gaining recognition of the breed and was the first President and Vice-President, respectively, of the clubs.


Special Beginners Dog (2 , 1 abs)
1.Windram’s Kristenkenzie Fagan, 29.10.04 br exh  (Trethmore Tall Story ex Barnwin I’m Daisy May)


Minor Puppy Dog (9,1 abs)
1.. Purchon’s Lindenka Delta 6.12.05 br exh (Ch Lindenka Brannigan JW ex Lindenka Kerrygan JW)  ***Best Puppy In Show***
2. . Jenkinson’s Highcross Centurion 22.12.05 br exh (Birkfell Sparkle by Inverglen ex Highcross Cameo)
3.. Squire’s Kimgarwn Turbo 27.10.05 be exh (Kimgarwyn Apollo ex Lasara Lookat Me)
4.. Crockett’s Havasu Pai 21.11.05 br exh (Rus/Ir/UK Ch Markstown Mr Havasu ex Havasu Hells Angel)
5.. Davis’s Ashgate Deep Secret 19.11.05 br exh (Ashgate Inish Biggle ex Ardelve Elliedaise by Ashgate


Puppy Dog (2)
1..Millen’s Sarmac Head Turner Star 4.8.05 br exh (Debeaux Jiggery Pokery ex Sarmac Geneva’s Star)
2..Fryer’s Hopecharm Chase The Wind 25.9.05 br exh (Hopecharm Inn Deego ex Hopecharm Wendy Wind Blows


Junior Dog (3,2)
Dunne’s Charosmack Cause A Storm 16.3.05 br exh (Ch Hopecharm Willie Makeit for Karamynd ex Ch Charosmack Clear Dreams)


Yearling Dog (4,2)
Windram’s Kristenkenzie Fagan
Thomson’s Ashgate Sheriff 18.12.04 br exh (Ch Ashgate Ivanhoe ex Ashgate Sonas


Novice Dog (2,2)
1..Irwin’s Rishtte Jack Daniels 24.12.01 br exh (Rishtte Snow Blaster ex Ristte Emaly)
2..Clarke’s Lamsmore Leckbuie at Lynnsto 19.10.05 br: Sizmore (Ch Ashgate Scots Progress ex Lamsmore Floraness)


Tyro Dog (1)
1..Cooper’s Crinan Chance on Me 10.2.03 br: Hands (Int Ch Karamynd Up and Buzzing ex Crinan Celtic Blessing)


Post Graduate Dog (7)

1.. Milner’s Juanne The Liquorice Lad 14.3.04 br exh (Ch Hopecharm Willie Makeit for Karamynd ex Juanne Gin Flurry)
2.. Irwin’s Rishtte Glenfiddich 1.8.02 br exh (Rishtte Scottish Rumour ex Rishtte Snow Enchantress)
3.. Atkin’s Kimgarwyn Crusader at Abercroft 29.10.04 br: Squire (Kimgarwyn Apollo ex Lasara Lookat Me)
4 .. Purchon’s Lindenka Bennington JW 5.9.04 br exh (Kimgarwyn Apollo ex Tomlyndon Tamarin at Lindenka)
5.. Clarke’s Lynnsto Cool And Luke 14.9.04 br exh (Ashgate Leny ex Lynnsto Princess Aurora


Limit Dog (11,2abs)

1.. Minett’s Duskhunter Millionheir 17.6.03 br exh (Ir Ch Burneze Maxamillion ex Duskhunter Charlies Angel) *Reserve CC*
2.. Magri’s Rozamie Billy Baloo 1.1.04 br exh (Dwilencia Dream Lover of Rozamie JW ex Rozamie Victoria)
3.. Shaw’s Matheron Spitting Image  24.3.04 br exh (Pryorvale Image Maker ex Matheron Miss Edition)
4.. Reidie’s Asheridgelee Mr Dynamite 12.5.04 br exh (Ch Burneze Chatterbox ex Hopecharm Weather Girl at Asheridgelee)
5.. Corri’s Inverglen Knight Magic JW 10.10.04 br exh (Ch Krisma Streetwise ex Merkot Just so by Inverglen)


Open Dog (7)
1.. Magri’s Dwilencia Dream Lover of Rozamie JW 30.7.02 br: Bartlett (Ch Newtonglen Covenanter of Rozamie ex Lasara Love Me Do with Dwilencia) *Dog CC & Best In Show*
2.. Griffith’s Ch Karamynd High As A Kite 5.2.03 br exh (Ch Hopecharm Willie Makeit for Karamynd ex Hopecharm Full of Deelite at Karamynd)
3.. Crockett’s Russian/Irish/UK Ch Markstown Mr Havasu 18.3.03 br: Jenkins (Charosmack Cristmas Cracker for Cooley ex Fireside Lass)
4.. Thomson’s UK/Irish/Int Ch Ashgate Scots Progress 20.11.02 br exh (UK/Ir/Int/Am/World Ch Ariostea Pilgrim to Ashgate ex Ashgate Scot’s Sagcity)
5.. Kabel’s Llovall Artful Dodger 21.2.02 br exh (Llasara Laserlight ex Llovall All My Lovin)


Veteran Dog (4,1abs)

1.. Mealing’s Reifrandies First Clansman 10.9.96 br exh (Ch Ashgate Hielan Laddie ex Rishtte Megsie)
2.. Purchon’s Ch Lindenka Brannigan 1.4.99 br exh (Ch Krisma Streetwise ex Lindenka Zippitydoodah)
3.. Hayton’s Highcross Haytime at Pedrohay 30.6.98 br: Jenkinson (UK/Ir Killynether Kavanagh ex Pepabby Pride of Highcross


Special Beginners Bitch (7,2 abs)
1.. Disley’s Acredam Wishing on a Star 5.9.04 br exh (Nor Ch Hopecharm Rock It Man ex Acredam Lucky)
2. . Forrest’s Colviston Maggi May 11.9.04 (Colviston Rob Roy ex Formach Spirit of Colvinston)
3.. Thomson’s Karensbrae Moaning Myrtle 26.7.05 br exh (Lymehills Dunbladore ex Rohumman Highland Fling with Karensbrae)
4.. Smith’s Highcross Cascade 19.4.03 br: Jenkinson (Pepabby Punchinello ex Highcross Cameo)
5. .Fergus-Higgin’s Carshairn Cat Baloo 3.2.05 br exh (Carshairn Poit-Dhu’bb ex Carshairn Te-Bhegg)

MinorPuppyBitchNo2Web02 MinorPuppyBitchNo3Web02

Minor Puppy Bitch (14,3abs)
1.. Abbey’s Kristajen Know What’s What 17.12.05 br exh (Hopecharm Willie Gofar ex Hopecharm Indee Know at Kristajen)
2.. MacBean’s Pryorvale Mistletoe Magic 18.12.05 br exh (Duskhunter Millionheir ex Matheron Mischief Maker at Pryorvale)
3.. Squire’s Kimgarwyn Pebble 27.10.05 br exh (Kimgarwyn Apollo ex Lasara Lookat Me)
4.. Corri’s Inverglen Sula 29.9.05 br exh (Birkfell Sparkle by Inverglen ex Inverglen Spring Melody for Ladida)
5.. Coley’s Kingsview Make or Break 25.11.03 br exh (Ch Hopecharm Willie Makeit for Karamynd ex Kingsview Sky High)


Puppy Bitch (12,1abs)
.. Carlin & Gillott’s Lynnsto Laska at Lizandycris
Res Best Puppy In Show 20.8.05 br: Clarke (Int Ch Lord’s Wain Major Thompson ex Roscafin Arrina at Lynnsto)
2.. Griffith’s Karamynd Lilac Wine 20.8.05 br exh (Ch Karamynd High as a Kite ex Krisma Trouble in Mind at Karamynd)
3.. Clarke’s Highcrest Enya Dreams Lynnsto 5.8.05 br: Proctor (Int Ch Lord’s Wain Major Thompson ex Lynnsto Arruna JW)
4.. Clarke’s Lynnsto Arrian 20.8.05 br exh  (Int Ch Lord’s Wain Major Thompson ex Roscafin Arrina at Lynnsto)
5.. Purchon’s Lindenka Toffee Pudding 1.8.05 br exh (Ch Kimgarwyn Alco ex Tomlyndon Tamarin at Lindenka )


Junior Bitch (16,4 abs)
1.. Kabel’s Krisma Roll the Dice for Llovall 17.4.05 br: Britten (Ch Krisma Jammydodger ex Krisma Home Alone)
2 .. Dunne’s Charosmack Cause to Wonder 16.3.05 br exh (Ch Hopecharm Willie Makeit for Karamynd ex Ch Charosmack Clear Dreams)
3.. Fryer’s Hopecharm Cheeky Girl 1.4.05 br exh (Hopecharm Inn deego ex Hopecharm Daisy May)
4.. Hayton’s Silver Senorita at Pedrohay 27.1.05 br: Lewis (Ch Kimgarwyn Alco JW ex Lamsmore Miss Campbell)
5 .. Wyllie’s Barbarella Cheeky Breeks 26.12.04 br exh (Beaugate En Vogue ex Carla’s Delight for Barbarella)


Yearling Bitch (11,2abs)
Mallon’s Lamsmore Esha 17.10.04 br: Sizmore (UK/Ir/Int Ch Ashgate Scot’s Progress ex Lamsmore Floraness)
2.. Thomson’s Ashgate Maybole 2.10.04 br exh (UK/Ir/Int Ch Ashgate Scot’s Progress ex Ashgate Mary JW)
3.. Jenkinson’s Highcross Crimson Charm 2.10.04 br exh (Ch Krisma Streetwise ex Highcross Cameo)
4.. Cooper’s Ashgate Camellia 10.10.04 br: Davis (Ch Ashgate Ivanhoe ex Ashgate Arum Lily)
5.. Gray’s Inverglen Misty at Flassendale 10.10.04 br: Corri (Ch Krisma Streetwise ex Merkot Just So by Inverglen )


Novice Bitch (10,7)
. Windram’s Cassara Princess 29.10.04 br exh (Trethmore Tall Story ex Barnwin Im Daisy May)
2.. Hughes’s Hopecharm I’m No April Fool at Brychdyn 1.4.05 br: Fryer (Hopecharm Inn Deego ex Hopecharm Daisy May )
3.. Reidie’s Asheridgelee Annabel 12.5.04 br exh (Ch Burneze Chatterbox ex Hopecharm Weathergirl at Asheridgelee)
4 .. Irwin’s Rishtte Glamis 9.3.05 br exh (Rishtte Glenfiddich ex Rishtte Dancer)
5.. Gray’s Inverglen Misty at Flassendale


Tyro Bitch (4,2)
. Hayton’s Silver Senorita at Pedrohay
. West’s Tomlyndon Fulla Fun 7.2.04 br exh (Ch Burneze Chatterbox ex Pride of Freian)


Post Graduate Bitch (12,3)
1.. Disley’s Acredam Wishing On A Star
Tullis’s Killynether Kontessa of Drumsheugh 21.1.03 br: Molony (UK/Ir Ch Killynether Kavanagh ex Lorbri Jive Talkin to Killynether)
3.. Gray’s Inverglen Bedazzled for Flassendale 6.1.04 br: Corri (Birkfell Sparkle by Inverglen ex Inverglen Bewitched)
4.. Smith’s Killynether Koko at Lorbri 6.2.04 br: Molony (Whynncraege Navajo ex Killynether Keepsake)
5 .. Sizmore’s Lamsmore Miss Bridie 5.11.03 br exh (Ch Ashgate Ivanhoe ex Ir/UK/Int Ch Lamsmore Miss Brodie )

LimitBitchNo1Web02 LimitBitchNo3Web

Limit Bitch (19,4)
1.. Bennett’s Helfulhether Sky’s The Limit 4.8.04 br exh (Ch Karamynd High as a Kite ex Ashgate Amazing Grace)
*Reserve CC*
2.. Edmondson’s Pepabby Priceless 25.10.04 br exh (Ch Krisma Jammydodger ex CH Pepabby Precious)
3 .. Graham’s Whynncraege Bewitched 3.11.01 br exh (Whynncraege Comanche ex Lasara Letusee)
4.. Hand’s Crinan Come Fly with Me br exh 8.9.04 (Ch Karamynd High As a Kite ex Crinan Charlie’s Angel)
5.. Corri’s Inverglen Enchanted 6.1.04 br exh (Birkfell Sparkle by Inverglen ex Inverglen Bewitched)

OpenBitchNo1Web02 OpenBitchNo2Web02

Open Bitch (15,2)
1.. Crockett’s Havasu Hoi Poloi 31.10.02 br exh (German Ch Brait Nouz Grasshopper ex Ir/UK/Dan Ch Havasu Humber Lady)
*Bitch CC and Reserve BIS*
2.. Smith’s Ch Burneze Just Anny Lusion at Lorbri 18.9.01 br: Burns (Ir Ch Burneze Maximillion ex Burneze I’m Annie Lusion JW)
3.. Sizmore’s UK/Irish/Int Ch Lamsmore Brodie 30.8.01 br exh (UK/Ir/Am/Int/World Ch Ariostea Pilgrim to Ashgate ex Beinn Mh’or of Lamsmore)
4.. Davis’s Ashgate Amaryllis JW br exh 13.5.03(UK/Ir/Am/Int/World Ch Ariostea Pilgrim to Ashgate ex Ardelve Elliedaise by Ashgate)
5.. Griffiths’s Ch Karamynd Paws for Applause 5.2.03 br exh (Ch Hopecharm Willie Makeit for Karamynd ex Hopecharm Full of Deelite at Karamynd)


Veteran Bitch (5)
. Milner’s Joanne Gin N Ice 9.5.98 br: Clowes (Juanne The Jouster ex Just an Ace)
2.. Andrew’s Rupann Silver Charm 16.7.98 br exh (Ch Kristajen Casterspell ex Birkfell Sweet Promises of Rupann)
3.. Strand’s Ch Westlake Pearly Queen 2.12.94 br exh (Ch Clan Crinan ex Westlake Strings of Pearls)
4 .. Mackintosh’s Tasman Shoneena 27.8.98 br: Bonas (Ch Killynether Kavanagh ex Tasman Coronation)
5.. Andrew’s Birkfell Shining Star of Rupann 17.10.96 br: Cleland (Keriall Cavalier ex Birkfell Shining Through

BestBitchBOSResBISWeb BitchResCCWeb03

Best Brace Wendy Corri (Inverglen)

Best Progeny By same Stud dog Sue Thomson with UK/Irish/International Ch Ashgate Scot’s Progress JW

Best Progeny by same Brood Bitch Mich Clarke with Roscafin Arrina of Lynnsto JW

Best Breeders Mich Clarke (Lynnsto)

Malcolm Presentig Trophy to BISWeb

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