2001 Championship Shows

Some of the new champions 0f 2001

Ch Bellevue Tiger Lily
Owner and Breeder Mrs.T.Squire
Sire : Ch Bournehaven Birthday Guy
Dam : Belle Vue Sweet Charity 
D.O.B. 21/7/99

Ch Chatterdale Country Manor
Owner and Breeder Mrs.J.Wharmby
Sire : Ch Krisma City Slicker 
Dam : Ch Spireite White Wine at   Chatterdale    D.O.B. 18/10/97


Ch Lasara Lazy Days
Owner and Breeder Mrs B Graham
Sire : Ch Lasara Loyal Spirit
Dam : Ch Lasara Latest Edition
D.O.B. 5/1/98


Ch Ariostea Pilgrim to Ashgate (Imp)
Owner Mrs S.Thomson
Breeder Mrs E Giacomell
Sire: It Ch Wikeland Connor
Dam : Uk,It Ch.Ashgate Sonsie 
D.O.B. 22/12/99

Ch Vallange Sugar And Spice
Owner and Breeder  Mr K and Mrs S Harris
Sire : Ger. Ch Vallange Highland Lyric At Saredon
Dam : Vallange Private Dancer
D.O.B. 11/2/99


Ch Royal Cartier Connoisseur 
Br.Owner. Mr W J Smith
Sire Ch.Ashgate Sinclair
Dam : Dame of Dudley
Dob 26/9/1998

Photo Ida

All photos by LLOVALLDesign

Int. Nordic & Eng Ch Krisma City Slicker ‘Wellie’ dob 15.2.97
Sire: Wesscots Knight Challenge, Dam: Krisma Keynote at Olac.
Wellie won 5 CC’s, 8 RCC’s. Best in Show at the W H W T C of England in 1998.
BOB Crufts 2001 , sire of several Champions

WHWTC of England  Ch Show '01

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