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''Dog of the Year' event took  place at the Sketchley Grange Hotel, Sketchley on Sunday 10-2-’08.
  Entrants eligible were all CC winners, best puppy in breed winners at general championship  shows from the previous year. All Club's 2007 Ch shows and Open shows winners, ie Dog CC,  Bitch CC and BPIB at Ch shows, BIS and BPIS at the Open shows
The three judges were kept a secret and only  revealed on the day of the competition.

3 judges : Mr Walter Berghauser(Von Steinberg-Germany) and Mr Roy Wilshaw (Domaroy ) and Mr K Jones

Best pup of the year 2007 :

Karamynd Play The Game *Freddie*

Breeder Mrs J Griffith 

Handler Mr Thomas West

DOB 22-2-06

Sire Ch Borunehaven Birthday Guy

Dam Ch Karamynd Play To The Crowd
Best Bitch and BOS  OfTheYear 2007:

Inverglen Sula

Breeder/owner Mrs W Corri 

 dob 28-9-2005

Sire Birkfell Sparkle by Inverglen

DamInverglen Spring Melody for Ladida
Best WHWT OfTheYear 2007:

Ch Comdale Action man

Breeders/owners Mr S and Mrs D Jennings

Male dob 2-7-2003

Sire Ch Ashgate Sinclair

Dam Comdale Classic
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           Puppy of the Year Competition

1. Carlin & Gillot’s Lizandycris Girl of Action (b) 10/12/06 Br.exh.
Ch. Comdale Action Man x Lynsto Code Name Cora At Lizandycris
2. Coley’s Kingsview American Pie (b) Br.Exh.
Am.Ch Kingsiew Pie in theSky x Am.Ch Kingsview Will O the Wisp
3. Corri’s Inverglen Banjo (d) 07/01/07 Br.Exh.
Ch. Lindenka Brannigan x Inverglen Enchanted
4. Dingley’s Davot Chi Ki (b) 24/08/06 Br.Exh.
Ch/Ir/Rus.Ch. Markstown Mr. Havasu x Davot Chill Out
5. Dunne’s Charosmack Cool Spook (d) 01/10/06 Br.Exh.
Aus.Ch.Charosmack Cause A Storm x Ch. Charosmack Cool Secret
6. Griffiths’ Karamynd Play The Game (d) 22/02/06 Br.exh.
Ch. Bournehaven Birthday Guy x Ch.Karamynd Play To The Crowd
7. Hooper’s Yorsar Fivepenny Borg (b) 12/06/06 Br.Exh.
Ch. Ir.Ch. Ashgate Scots Progress x Yorsar Fernie
8. MacBean’s Bellevue Going Dutch With Pryorvale (d) 23/09/06 Br.Squire
Ned/Int/Lux.Ch Bellevue Careless Spirit x Bellevue Caught U Looking
9. Minett’s Duskhunter Devoneyre (b) 04/10/06 Br.Exh
Ned/Int/Lux.Ch Bellevue Careless Spirit x Duskhunter Devonair
10. Minett’s Duskhunter Team Spirit (d) 17/05/06 Br.exh.
Ned/Int/Lux.Ch Bellevue Careless Spirit x Duskhunter Rasamataze
11. Minett’s Duskhunter Winter Special (d) 27/12/06 Br.exh.
Bellevue Sundance At Duskhunter x Duskhunter Make Believe
12. Squire’s Krisma Joyrider (b) 24/08/06 Br.Britten
Ned/Int/Lux.Ch Bellevue Careless Spirit x Bellevue Guilded Lily At Krisma
13. Steemson’s Bocans Spirit Guide (b) 17/07/06 Br.exh
Ned/Int/Lux.Ch Bellevue Careless Spirit x Bocans Shes Adorable
14. Thomson’s Ashgate US Patriot (d) 29/08/06 Br.Mr&Mrs Brown
  Ch. Ashgate Aros x Am.Ch Ashgate Stroneb


Dog Of The Year Competition

15. Carlin & Gillot’s Comdale Curtain Call At Lizandycris (d) 21/01/06 br.Jennings 
   Ch.Hopecharm Willie Makeit for Karamynd x Comdale Shes The One
16. Dale’s Lynnsto Pellam JW.Sh.CM (d) 28/09/04 Br.Exh.
   Ch. Ariostea Pilgrim To Ashgate x Roscafin Arrina At Lynnsto
17. Gill’s Cloonbeggane Whoz That Guy (d) 23/04/05 Br.Exh.
   Ch. Bournehaven Birthday Guy x Cloonbeggane Party Popper
18. Jenning’s Ch. Comdale Action Man (d) 02/07/03 Br.Exh
   Ch. Ashgate Sinclair x Comdale Classic
19. Lilley&Milling’s Ch. Lillmill What’s It All About (d) 19/09/05 Br.Exh
   Kyntilly Just The Measure x Kenmillto Coming On Strong at Lillmill
20. Mellor’s Ch.Bellevue Caught In The Act At Jillso (d) 27/12/04 Br.Squire
   Bellevue just F’ Fun x Bellevue Fire Dancer
21. Minett’s Ch. Duskhunter Millionheir (d) 17/06/03 Br.Exh
   Ir.Ch. Burneze Maxamillion x Duskhunter Charlies Angel
22. Squire’s Kimgarwyn Handyman (d) 11/03/06 Br.Exh
   Ch. Krisma Jammydodger x Ch. Kimgarwyn Night Breeze
23. Squire’s Ch. Bellevue Spirit Catcher (d) 21/07/06 Br.Exh
   Ned/Int/Lux.Ch Bellevue Careless Spirit x Holly Munday


Dog Of The year Competition (Bitches)

25. Cooper’s Ashgate Camellia (b) 10/10/04 Br. Davis
   Ch. Ashgate Ivanhoe x Ashgate Arum Lily
26. Corri’s Inverglen Sula (b) 28/09/05 Br. Exh.
   Birkfell Sparkle By Inverglen x Inverglen Spring Melody For Ladida
27. Edmondson’s Ch. Pepabby Priceless JW (b) 25/10/04 Br.Exh.
   Ch. Krisma Jammydodger x Ch. Pepabby Precious
29. Griffiths’ Karamynd Lilac Wine (b) 20/08/05 Br. Exh
   Ch Karamynd High As A Kite x Krisma trouble In Mind At Karamynd
30. Hands’ Crinan Come Fly With Me (b) 08/09/04 Br.Exh
   Ch. Karamynd High As A Kite x Crinan Charlie’s Angel
31. Squire’s Kimgarwyn Pebble (b) 27/10/05 Br.Exh
   Kimgarwyn Apollo x Lasara Look At Me
32. Steemson’s Bocans Skies The Limit (b) 10/01/06 Br.Exh
   Bocans Just F’ Romance x Bocans Black Pearl
33. Thomson’s Ashgate Maybole (b) 02/10/04 Br.Exh
   Ch. Ashgate Scots Progress JW x Ashgate Mary 


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