Champions outside the UK
Top winners abroad

Ned. Ch LLovall Leader Of The Pack.
Dob 4-2-2006
Owner Mr I Krabbe,/Breeder J Kabel
Sire ChKimgarwyn Alco
Dam LLovall Luck Be A Lady

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AmCh LLovall License To Thrill
Dob 21-9-2002
Owners Mr and Mrs Replogle/Breeder J Kabel
Sire Ch Krisma Streetwise
Dam LLovall All Of Me

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Dob 22-2-2003
Owner Mrs C Hamilton/ Breeder Mrs S Fryer
Sire Ch Hopecharm Willie Makeit for Karamynd
Dam Westfire City Girl for Hopecharm

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AustHillsted Schmeichel

AUS CH Hillsted Schmeichel
Dob : 21-Oct-02
Owners : Ron & Barb Turle ,Shaun & Rhonda Weber
Breeders J & K Fox
Sire: Hillsted Super Trouper
Dam: Burlmere Sweet Serenade at Hillsted

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I will try and develop pages for Champions abroad.
I am not sure how this is going to work out. For now it will have to be just for Westies bred in the UK as other wise the site could get far too big ;-).
Same info as for the UK champions please . I put two samples on the page . I know they are just ones we bred as that is what I had. So they are just samples ;-) I will be very happy to make a link through the photos to owners web sites where more champions can be admired .
I can also make e-mail links .BUT owners have to make sure that these are up to date and when they change they have to let me know as dead links will be removed.
E mail 

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