WHWT C Summer Open Show 2007

 August 5 th. Judge Mrs S Goodwin (Spitewinter)


Class 1 Special Beginners Dog or Bitch (1 )
 Jones’ Fernlair I Was Framed’  B dob 16-2-’06 Br Exh By Ch Ashgate Scot’s Progress x Fernlair River Of Dreams


Class 2 Minor Puppy Dog (3,1 abs
Minetts Duskhunter Winter Special dob 27-12-06 Br Owner By Bellevue Sundance at Duskhunter X Duskhunter Make Believe
No 2 Shaws’ Matheron Mac Vitie dob 19-11-06 Br.Owner By Ch Krisma Jammydodger x Matheron Miss Edition


Class 3 Puppy Dog ( 2,)
No 1
Thomson’s Ashgate US Patriot dob 19-10-05 Br Brown By Ch Ashgate Aros  X Am Ch Ashgate Stroneba
No 2 Dunne’s Charosmack Cool Spook  dob 1-10-’06 Br Owner Aus Ch Charosmack Cause A Storm X Ch Charosmack Cool Secret

CochansaMischiefMakerBy Juanne

Class 4 Junior Dog ( 3,1 abs )
No 1
Gill’s Cloonbeggane Celtic Tiger dob 18-7-06 Br Owner By Ch Karamynd High As a Kite x Cloonbeggane Party Popper
No 2 Milner’s Cochansa Michief Maker by Juanne dob 22-6-06 Br Coles By Juanne The Liquorice Lad x Marimine Lottie Mae


Class 5 Novice dog (2,1 abs)
No 1
  Charosmack Cool Spook

Class 6 Graduate Dog (2, 1 abs)
No 1
Sweetzer’s Ambalasi Fire Fly dob 1-5-05
Sire Ch Ashgate Scot’s Progress
Dam Benary Spell’s Ambition


Class 7 Mid Limit Dog (4, 1 abs)
No 1 & Best Dog
& BIS Gill’s Cloonbeggane Whoz That Guy dob 7-2-05 Br Owner By Ch Bournehaven Birthday Guy x Cloonbeggane Party Popper
No 2 Res Best Dog  Abbey’s Kristajen Know It All dob 17-12-05 Br Owner By Hopecharm Willie Go Far X Hopecharm Indee Know at Kristajen
No 3 Carlin & Gillott ‘s Comdale Curtain Call At Lizandycris dob 21-1-06 Br Jennings By Ch Hopecharm Willie Makeit for Karamynd X Comdale She’s The One

Class 8 Open Dog (2, 2 abs)


Class 9 Veteran Dog or Bitch (5)
No 1
Ash’ Hillcloud Polestar dob 16-4-98 Dog Br Owner By Ch Ashgate Sinclair x Kergilliack Konfidante
No 2 Cox’ Ashgate Lunna at Roscafin dob Bitch 17-1-2000 Bitch Br Thomson By Ch Ashgate Ivanhoe X Kintilly Highland Wisdom at Ashgate
No 3 Mealing’s Reifrandies First Clansman Dog dob 10-9-96 Br Owner By Ch Ashgate Hielan Laddie x Rishtte Megsie
No 4 Hayton’s Highcross Haytime at Pedrohay Dog dob 30-6-98 Br Jenkinson By Ch/ Ir Ch Killynether Kavanagh x Pepabby Pride of Highcross
No 5 Milner’s Joanne Gin’N’Ice dob 9-5-98 Br.Bitch Clowes By Juanne The Jouster X Just An Ace

LizAndyCrisGirlOfActionWeb LingbeckLeadingLadyWeb

Class 10 Minor Puppy Bitch (4,1 abs)
No 1 & Res Best Puppy
Carlin & Gillott Lizandycris Girl of Action dob 10-12-06 Br Owner By Ch Comdale Action Man x Lynnsto Code Name Cora at Lizandycris
No 2 Smith’ Lingbeck Leading Lady dob 9-1-07 Br Owner By Ch Lindenka Brannigan JW x Highcross Cascade
No 3 Shaws’ Matheron Vamilla Thrilla dob 19-11-06 Br.Owner By Ch Krisma Jammydodger x Matheron Miss Edition


Class 11 Puppy Bitch (5)
No 1 & Best Puppy In Show & Res Best Bitch
Kabel’s Davot Carry On Llovall dob 24-8-06 Br D Dingley by Ch Markstown Mr Havasu X Davot Chill Out
No 2 Britten’s Krisma Happy Hour dob 21-08-06 Br.Owner By Ch Bellevue Caught In The Act at Jillso X Ch Krisma Town Flirt
No 3 Dingley’s Davot Chi Ki  dob 24-8-06 Br Owner 
by Ch Markstown Mr Havasu X Davot Chill Out
No 4 Barrington’s McHolglyn Cotton Candy dob 24-9-06 Br Owner By Inverglen Knight Magic X Cabon Sea Maiden of McHolglyn
No 5 West’s Tomlyndon Trisca dob 15-10-06 Br Owner By Lindenka Bennington JW X Tomlyndon Fulla Fun


Class 12 Junior Bitch (4)
No 1
Hooper’s Yorsar Fivepenny Borg dob 12-6-06 Br Owner By Ch Ashgate Scot’s Progress x Yorsar Fernie
No 2 Morton’s Charosmack Crystal Secret at Swifdon dob 4-3-06 Br Dunne By Am.Can Ch Havasu Hob Goblin x Ch Charosmack Cool Secret
No 3 Fernlair I Was Framed
No 4
Mealing’s Reifrandies Mingay dob 14-4-06 Ch Ch Ashgate Scot’s Progress X Reifrandies Gansie Maid

DuskhunterMagicalSpiritWeb AmbalasiFionaWeb

Class 13 Novice Bitch (6)
No 1
Minett’s Duskhunter Magical Spirit dob Br Owner By Ned Int Ch Bellevue Careless Spirit x Duskhunter Rasamataze
No 2 Sweetzer’s Ambalasi Fiona dob 1-5-05 By Ch Ashgate Scot’s Progress X Benary Spell’s Ambition
No 3 Davot Chi Ki
No 4
Thomson’s Ashgate Mavis  dob 13-10-04 Br Thomson By Ch Ariostea Pilgrim to Ashgate x Ashgate Mary
No 5 Reifrandes Mingay

CabonSeaBreezeWeb TomlyndonLookOfLoveWeb

Class 14 Graduate Bitch (9,3 abs)
No 1
Bacon’s Cabon Sea Breeze dob 30-10-05 Br Owner By Reifrandes Tom Faggus x Cabon Sea Song
No 2 West ’s Tomlyndon Look Of Love dob 7-9-05 Br Owner
by Ch Lindenka Brannigan x Lasara Libra at Tomlyndon
No 3 Thomson’s Ashgate Ardlussa dob 29-8-05 Br Exh By Ch Ashgate Aros X Kerswell Irish Eyes of Ashgate
No 4  MacBean’s Pryorvale Three Wishes dob 18-6-04 Br Owner By Pryorvale Twice As Nice x Pryorvale Super Star
No 5   Steene’s Madrabawn Fionnula dob 20-4-05 By Ch Krisma Jammydodger x Madrabawn Queen Maeve


Class 15 Mid Limit Bitch (10,??abs)
No 1 & Best Bitch & Res BIS
Abbey’s Kristajen Know Whats What dob 17-12-05 Br Owner By Hopecharm Willie Go Far X Hopecharm Indee Know at Kristajen
No 2 Dingley’s Davot Chance Encounter dob 10-10-05 Br.Owner By Ch Ariostea Pilgrim by Ashgate x Davot Chy Anne
No3  West’s Lasara Libra At Tomlyndon dob 25-8-03. Br Graham By Ch Lindenka Brannigan x Lasara Ladies Maid
No 4 Gill’s Cloonbeggane The One ‘N’Only dob 23-4-05 Br Owner By Ch Hopecharm Wilie Makeit for Karamynd x Cloonbeggane Miss attitude
No 5 Shaw’s White Rose Rebecca of Matheron dob 16-6-05 Br Hutley By Matheron Spitting Image X Matheron Athena

ClanestarCareless Spell

Class 16 Open Bitch ( 8,4 abs)
No 1
Cooper’s Ashgate Camellia dob 16-09-03 Br.Owner By Ch Ashgate Ivanhoe x Ashgate Arum Lily
No 2 Lancaster’s Clanestar Careless Spell dob 2-4-03 Br Owner Ch Kristajen Casterspell x Clanestar Careless Spirit
No 3 Kabel’s Krisma Roll The Dice for Llovall dob 17-4-05 Br Britten By Ch Krisma Jammydodger x Krisma Home Alone
No 4 Smith’s Royalcartier Strike-A-Pose dob 4-7-05 Br Owner Ch Ashgate Aros x Royalcartier Aim-For-FameNo

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