Leeds Ch Show Judge Mrs A Mellor (Jillso)
DOG CC & BEST OF BREED : GORDON ‘s Ch Lamsmore Fitzwritin
Res Dog CC : PURCHON’s  Lindenka Sullivan
Bitch CC : BRITTEN ‘2 Krisma Dot To Dot
Res Bitch CC : MORTON ‘s Charosmack Crystal Secret At Swifdon
Best Puppy : SMITH ‘ Faymar Fine Romance


Open Dog no 1 CC & BOB Ch Lamsmore Fitzwritin
Owner : Mr Angus Gordon
Breeder Mrs S Sizmore
dob 29-3-2007
Sire Ch Krisma Streetwise
Dam Ch Lamsmore Miss Brodie


Open Bitch No 1 & CC
Ch Krisma Dot To Dot
Dob 5.4.08
Sire Ch Bellevue Spirit Catcher
Dam Ch Krisma Town Flirt
Owner/breeder: Mrs D A Britten

CharosmackCrystalSecretAtSwifdonRes CC197Web

Limit Dog No 1 & dog Res CC Lindenka Sullivan
dob 15-9-08
Owner/breeder Mrs M Purchon
Sire Ch Havasu Pai
Dam Lindenka Summer Pudding

Open bitch No 2 & Res CC Charosmack Crysrtal Secret At Swifdon
Dob 4-3-06
Owner C Morton,br Dunne
Sire Can/Am Havasu Hob Goblin
Dam Ch Charosmack Cool Secret


Puppy Bitch No 1 & BPIB :
Faymar Fine Romance
Dob 19-9-09
Br/Owner Mrs V Smith
Sire Llovall Aint Misbehavin Mr
Dam Davot Chase The Lady For Faymar

The grass in the ring was rather long and the ground very uneven and as a result many Westies looked too short legged, especially the pups. We only publish photos on which the dogs look their best.
But this time just add some leg to some photos. As you can see on the photo above the handlers foot disappears too .


Flassendale Fairlie Puppy Dog No 1 BPD
Dob 23-8-09
Owner Taylor Br Gray
Sire Inverglen Banjo
Dam Iverglen Misty of Flassendale


Pepabby Prank Junior Dog No 1
Dob 8-5-09
Br/Owner Edmondson
Sire Krisma Spit N Polish
Dam Ch Pepabby Priceless

CharosmackCooolDays20 RozamieIcilce34WEb

Charosmack Cool Days Graduate Dog N0 1
Dob 10-12-08
Owner/br Dunne
Sire Charosmack Cool Spook
Dam Ch Charosmack Cause To Wonder

Rozamie Icicle Post Graduate Dog No 1
Dob 28-2-06
Owner Budge/br Magrie
SireRozamie Billy Baloo
Dam Newtonglen Pretty Woman at Rozamie


Limit Dog No 2
Lynnsto Barclaycard
Dob 15.7.08
Owner/br: Miss M Dale
Sire Ch Lynnsto Pellam
Dam Lynnsto Soloist


Duskhunter Dutch Courage JW Open Dog No 2
Br.Owner Mrs L Minett
DOB 4-3-08
Sire Bellevue Going Dutch With Pryorvale
Dam Duskhunter Rasmataze


Asheridgelee Miss Monday No 1 Minor Puppy bitch
Dob 19-12-09
Onwer/br P Reidie
Sire : Masiboim Strongbow For Lymehills
Dam Holly Munday From Asheridgelee

Kimgarwyn Outlaw Limit Dog No 3
Dob 22-11-07
Owner Br Mr & Mrs Squire 
Sire Kingarwyn Handyman 
Dam Kimgarwyn Little Mo JW

Llovall Aint Misbehavin Mr Limit Dog No 4
DOB 16-8-07
Sire Dutch |Ch Llovall Leader Of The Pack
Dam LLovall All That Jazz
Br /Owner J Kabel


Ashgate Mackenzie No 3 Open Dog
Dob 16-6-08
Owner/Br S Thomson
Sire : Ch Bellevue Spiritcatcher
Dam Ch Ashgate Maybole

Ch Olton Aye Sweater Man Open Dog no 4
Dob 18.10.05
Sire UK/Int Ch Ariostea Pilgrim to Ashgate
Dam Olton Aye Bonne Chance
Owners/breeders: Mr R Hill & Dr M P Wilson


Lynnsto Smartypants No 2 Minor Puppy Bitch
Dob 28-11-09
Owner/br M Dale
Sire Lynnsto Stand & Deliver
Dam Highcrest Heven Sent To Lynnsto


Charosmack Chesnut Rose Minor PB No 4
Dob 22-11-09
Owner/br Dunne
Sire Ch Davot Chivalrous Chap
Dam Charosmack Caught Lovin You


Montrose By Lindenka Minor PB No 5
Dob 22-1-10
Owner Purchon/Br A Wilson
Sire Lindeka Sulliva
Dam Jonwilberry Littl e Bear

HillstedShitaraShines89 ClanestarCloudchasing81

Hillsted Sitara Shines Minor Puppy bitch unplaced
Owner Brockwell /br Fox
Dob 24-12-09
Sire Llovall Aint Misbehavin Mr
Dam Hillsted Sweet Jazzmine

Lancasters Clanestar Cloudchasing Minor PB Unplaced
Owner/Br Lancaster
 Dob 3-1-10
Sire Lindenka Sullivan
 Dam Clanestar Cloudburst


Faymar Fine Romance Puppy Bitch No 1 & BPIB  
Dob 19-9-09
Br/Owner Mrs V Smith
Sire Llovall Aint Misbehavin Mr
Dam Davot Chase The Lady For Faymar

LYNNSTO Platinum Puppy bitch No 2
Br Owner Mich Dale
Sire Lynnsto Barclay Card
Dam Highcrest Enya Dreams Lynnsto


Post Grad Bitch No 1 Kimgarwyn Bramble
Dob 2-9-08
Owner/br B & M Squire
Sire Ch Havaus Pai
Dam Kimgarwyn Charlie Girl


Llovall Lady Sings The Blues Post Grad Bitch No 2
Dob 14-1-08
Sire Dutch Ch Llovall Leader of the Pack
Dam Davot Carry On Llovall
Br Owner J Kabel

StanderidgeStarSpangledVonFernsunrise139Web WestigoPreciousSpirit120 LingbeckLeadingLady168

Standeridge Star Spangled Von Fernsunrise
 Post Grad Bitch No 4
Dob 21-8-08
Owner Woodward / Br Callow
|Sire Ch Ch Lynnsto Mastercard JW ShCM
DamRalwood Foxy Lady

Westigo Precius Spirit  Post Graduate bitch No 5
Dob 1-0-08
Onwer/br Harper
Sire Ch Bellevue Spirit Catcher
Dam Westigo Scampanata

Lingbeck Leading Lady
Dob 9-1-07
Owner Br C Smith
Sire Ch Lindenka Brannigan
Dam Highcros Cascade

KillynetherKrazyForYou157Web SonjayWhiteFusion177

Killynether Krazy For You Limit Bitch No 1
Dob 23-09-07
Owner/Br Molony
Sire Ch Marchtown Mr Havasu 
Dam Ch Killynether Kimiko


Limit bitch No 3 Hillcloud Drizzle
Dob 24-12-08
Owner / Breeder Mrs J Ash
Sire Gilbri Willie Wontie
Dam Olton Aye Precious Pearl at Hillcloud

Sonjay White Fusion Linit Bitch N0 2
Dob 22-11-07
Owner/br Soar
Sire Ch Bellevue Craeless Spiirt
Dam Sonjay Paper Chase

Paignton 2010 Judge: Miss Sheila Jenkins
Dog CC & BEST OF BREED & Group 3 : GRIFFITHS ‘ Karamynd Play It Again :
Res Dog CC : MINETT ‘s Duskhunter Dutch Courage JW
Bitch CC : GRIFFITHS ‘ Karamynd Drama Queen
Res Bitch CC : COLEY ‘s Karamynd On Cue For Kingsview
Best Puppy : BRITTEN’s  Krisma Ticks The Box


 Karamynd Play It Again
Owner /breeder Mrs J Griffith
dob 29-6-2008
Sire Ch Krisma Streetwise
Dam Ch Karamynd Play To The Crowd


Puppy bitch no 2 T. Squires ‘ Krisma Wagamama TAF
Dob 22.08.09
Br Britten
Sire Krisma Spitnpolish 
Dam Krisma Town Flirt


Open bitch No 1 + CC Karamynd Drama Queen
Dob 13-12-07
Owner / Breeder Mrs J Grififth
Sire Ch Karamynd Play Th eGame
Dam Ch Karamynd Paws For Applause


Puppy Bitcvh no 3 Morton's Lynnsto Switch For Swifdon
Br Dale
dob 11-9-09
Sire Lynnsto Barclaycard
Dam Highcrest Enya Dreams Lynnsto


Post Graduate Bitch No 1 Llovall And All That
Dob 29-11-08
Sire Llovall Aint Misbehavin Mr
Dam Krisma Roll The Dice For LLovall
Owner /Br J Kabel


Open bitch

Open Bitch 1st & CC GRIFFITHS Mrs J A Karamynd Drama Queen
2nd &b Res CC : COLEY Mrs J Karamynd On Cue For Kingsview
3rd: LANCASTER’s  Ch Clanestar Careless Affair JW
Res: JENNINGS Llovall As Mama Said To Comdale
VHC: MORTON Mrs C Charosmack Crystal Secret At Swifdon


Bocans Hot Stuff                  Llovall A Real Deal At Comdale                        Karamynd On Cue For Kingsview




Karamynd Drama Queen     Bellevue Dream Girl          Llovall And All That        Bellevue Party Spirit      Lynnsto Platinum      Krisma Ticks The Box

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