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WHWTC of Eng Ch Show 2007 Judge Mr R Hill (Olton)
 Saturday April 14 th 2007


Minor Puppy dog (4,1)
1 Gill’s Cloonbeggane Celtic Tiger Br.Owner dob 18-07-06 (Ch Karamynd High As A Kite ex Cloonbeggane Party Popper)
2.Dunne’s Charosmack Cool Spook Br.Owner dob 01-10-06 (Charosmack Cause A Storm ex Ch Charosmack Cool Secret)

3.Millen’s Sarmac Rising Star Br. Owner dob 22-09-06 (Ch. Newtonglen Covenanter of Rozamie ex Birbrinda Morning Star by Sarmac


Puppy dog (4,0)
1& Best Dog Puppy Minett’s Duskhunter Team Spirit Br.Owner dob 17-05-06 (Ned.Int Ch.Bellevue Careless Spirit ex Duskhunter Rasamataze)
2.Macbean’s Pryorvale Wishfull Thinking Br.Owner dob 14-05-06 (Pryorvale Image Maker  ex Pryorvale Three Wishes)
3.Gallop’s Maedhlyn Summer Knight Br.Owner dob 25-06-06 (Ashgate Sheriff ex Maedhlyn Suemaya)
4. Kellbany White Wizard


Junior dog (10,3)
1. Purchon’s Lindenka Delta JW Br.Owner dob 06-12-05 (Ch. Lindenka Brannigan JW ex Lindenka Kerrygan JW)
2. Abbey’s Kristajen Know It All Br.Owner dob 17-12-05 Hopecharm Willie Gofar ex  Hopecharm Indee Know at Kristajen)
3. Carlin & Gillot’s Comdale Curtain Call at Lizandycris Br. Jennings dob 21-01-06 (Ch Hopecharm Willie Makeit for Karamynd ex Comdale She’s The One)
4. Magri & Marsden’s Walkonair Mr Rozamie Br.Knights dob 09-11-05 (Ch. Krisma Jammydodger ex Rozamie Royal Flair)
5. Squire’s Kimgarwyn Handyman Br.Owner dob 11-03-06 ( Ch. Krisma Jammydodger ex Ch Kimgarwyn Night Breeze)


Maiden dog (2,0)
1. Griffith’s Karamynd Play The Game Br.Owner dob 22-02-06 Ch Bournehaven Birthday Guy ex Karamynd Play To The Crowd
2. Kellbany White Wizar

Novice dog (3,1)
1. Karamynd Play The Game
2. Kinchin’s Fosseleigh Shogun Br.Cobb dob 08-10-04(Fosseleigh Picasso ex Fosseleigh Lucretia


Tyro dog (4,2)
1. Corri’s Inverglen Lewis Br. Owner dob 28-09-05 (Birkfell Sparkle by Inverglen ex Inverglen Spring Melody for Ladida)
2. Lynch’s Bobby Josef at Linacrelads Br.Michalska dob 04-05-05 (Mocaraid Rob Roy ex Jemma Galway Sunset)


Post Graduate dog (8,1)
1. Lilley & Milling’s Lilmill What’s It All About Br.Owner dob 19-09-05 (Kyntilly Just The Measure ex Kenmillto Coming On Strong At Lilmill)
2 .Lee’s Daphayr Country Bumpkin Br.Owner dob 24-09-05 (Ch Comdale Action Man ex Daphayr Chasing Dreams)
3.Gill’s Cloonbeggane Whoz That Guy Br.Owner dob 23-04-05 (Ch Bournehaven Birthday Guy ex Cloonbeggane Party Popper)
4. Shaw’s Matheron Spitting Image Br.Owner dob 24-03-04 (Pryorvale Image Maker ex matheron Miss Edtion)
5. Sweetzer’s Ambalasi Fire Fly Br.Owner dob 01-05-05 (Ch Ashgate Scott’s Progress ex Benary Spell’s Ambition)


Limit dog (8,1)
BurnsBurneze Demonstrator Br.Owner dob 24-10-04 (Newtonglen Lord Of The Isles ex Trethmore Truly Bewitched By Burneze)
2.Purchon’s Lindenka Bennington JW  Br Owner dob 05-09-04(Kimgarwyn Apollo ex Tomlyndon Tamarin At Lindenka)
3.Thomson’s Ashgate Sherrif Br.Owner dob 18-12-04 (Ch Ashgate Ivanhoe ex Ashgate Sonas
4.Corri’s Inverglen Knight Magic Br.Owner dob 10-10-04 (Ch Krisma Streetwise ex Merkot Just So by Inverglen)
5.Clements’ Bellevue Just F’ Fun Br.Squire dob 30-12-02(Ch Jillso Just For Me ex Bellevue She’s The One)


Open dog (7,1)
1 & CC & BIS Griffith’ Ch Karamynd High As A Kite Br.Owner dob 5-2-03 (Ch Hopecharm Willie Makeit for Karamynd ex Hopecharm Full Of Deelite at Karamynd)
2.RCC & RBIS Mellor’s Ch Bellevue Caught In The Act At Jillso Br.Squire dob 27-12-04( Bellevue Just F’ Fun ex Bellevue Firedancer)
3.Jenning’s Ch Comdale Action Man Br.Owner dob 02-07-03 (Ch Ashgate Sinclair ex Comdale Classic)
4. Dale’s Lynnsto Pellam JW Sh CM Br.Owner dob 28-09-04(Ch. Ariostea Pilgrim To Ashgate ex Roscafin Arrina at Lynnsto)
5. Minett’s Duskhunter Millionheir Br.Owner dob 17-06-03 (Ir Ch Burneze Maxamilloin ex Duskhunter Charlies Angel)

VetDogOrBitchNo2Dog VetDogOrBirchNo3BeterWeb

Veteran Dog or Bitch (7.2)
1.Milner’s Joanne Gin N Ice(Bitch) Br. Clowes dob 09-05-98  (Juanne The Jouster ex Just An Ace)
2.Ash’s Hillcloud Polestar Br.Owner (Dog) dob 17-06-98 (Ch Ashgate Sinclair ex Kergilliack Konfidante)
3.Filmore’s Bellevue Babycham of Karagem Br.Squire (Bitch) dob 20-11-97 (Ir.Ch Bellevue Wise Guy ex Belevue Sweet Charity)
4. Cox’s Ashgate Lunna at Roscafin  (bitch) Br.Thomson (Bitch) dob 17-01-00 (Ch Ashgate Ivanhoe ex Kyntilly Highland Wisdom at Ashgate)
5. Hayton’s Highcross Haytime at Pedrohay (dog)Br. Jenkinson dob 30-06-98 (Ch/Ir Ch Killynether Kavanagh ex Pepabby Pride of Highcross)


Minor Puppy bitch (13,5)
1.& Best Bitch Pup & BPIS Dingley’s Davot Chi Ki Br.Owner dob 24-08-06 (Ch/Ir/Rus. Markstown Mr Havasu ex Davot Chill Out)
2.Britten’s Krisma Happy Hour Br.Owner dob 21-08-06 (Ch Bellevue Caught In The Act At Jillso ex Ch. Krisma Town Flirt)
3. Kabel’s Davot Carry On Llovall  Br.Dingley dob 24-08-06 (Ch/Ir/Rus. Markstown Mr Havasu ex Davot Chill Out)

4.Gray’s Flassendale Further Ado Br.Owner dob 30-09-06 (Ch Lindenka Brannigan ex Inverglen Bedazzled for Flassendale)
5. Jennings’ Comdale Miss Action Br.Owner dob 12-09-06 (Ch Comdale Action Man ex Dwilencia High Esteem of Comdale )

PuppyBitchNo1Web1 PuppyBitchNo3Web1

Puppy bitch (5,1)
1.Hooper’s Yorsar Fivepenny Borg br.Owner dob12-06-06 (Ch Asgate Scot’s Progress ex Yorsar Fernie)
2.Minett’s Duskhunter Magical Spirit Br Owner dob 25-6-04 (
Ned.Int Ch.Bellevue Careless Spirit ex Duskhunter Rasamataze)
3.Mealing’s Reifrandies Mingay Br.Owner dob 14-04-06 (Ch. Ashgate Scot’s Progress ex Reifrandies Gansie Maid)
4. Gallop’s Maedhlyn Summer Love Br.Owner dob 25-06-06 (Ashgate Sheriff ex Maedhlyn Suemaya)


Junior bitch (12,3)
1.Squire’s Kimgarwyn Pebbles  Br.Owner dob 27-10-05 (Kimgarwyn Apollo ex Lasara Look At Me)
2.Gaydon’s Wistonant Royal Ruby at Gilbri Br.Wogan dob 20-12-05 (Ch/Ir Ch Gilbri Talk Of The Town ex Wistonant Wild Jasmine)
3.Coley’s Kingsview Make Or Break Br.Owner dob 25-11-05 (Ch Hopecharm Willie Makeit For Karamynd ex Kingsview Sky High)
4. Abbey’s Kristajen Know Whats What Br.Owner dob 17-12-05 (Ch Hopecharm Willie Gofar ex Hopecharm Indee Know at Kristajen)
5. Morton’s Charosmack Crystal Scret At Swifdon Br.Dunne dob 04-03-06 ( Am/Can Ch. Havasu Hob Goblin ex Ch Charosmack Cool Secret)


Maiden bitch (5,2)
1. Burns’s Burneze Miss Print Br.Owner dob 15-02-06 (Ch. Comdale Action Man ex Trethmore Truly Bewitched by Burneze)
2. Kabel’s Llovall Anything Goes   Br.Owner dob 07-04-06 (Am Ch Llovall License To Thrill ex Llovall A Kinda Magic)
3. Rooney’s Westigo Banjoun Br.Harper dob 06-03-06 (Ashgate Inish Biggles ex Westigo Senzational)


Novice bitch (3,2)
1. Mealing’s Reifrandies Mingay


Tyro bitch (5,0)
1. Kabel’s Llovall All That Jazz Br.Owner dob 18-02-06 (Ch Krisma Jammydodger ex Llovall Lovin Feeling)
2.Clements’ Roxholm Rinkie Dee Br Owner dob 24-03-05 (Ch Ashgate Leny ex Roxholm Rosie Prospect
3.Gray’s Inverglen Misty At Flassendale Br.Corri dob 10-10-04 (Ch Krisma Streetwise ex Merkot Just So By Inverglen)
4.Reifrandies Mingay
5. Harper’s Westigo Scampanata Br.Owner dob 25-06-04 (Ch Ashgate Scot’s Progress ex Westigo Senza)


Post Graduate bitch (18,4)
1. Dingley’s Davot Chance Encounter Br.Owner  dob 10-10-05 (Multi Ch Ariostea Pilgrim To Ashgate ex Davot Chy Ann)
2.Corri’s Inverglen Sula Br Owner dob 28-09-05 (Birkfell Sparkle by Inverglen ex Inverglen Spring Melody for Ladida)
3. Lilley & Milling’s Lilmill Bright Star Br.Owner dob 19-09-05 (Kyntilly Just The Measure ex Kenmillto Coming On Strong At Lilmill)
4. Dale’s Lynnsto Arrian Br.Owner dob 20-08-05 ( Multi Ch Lord’s Wain Major Thompson ex Roscafin Arrina at Lynnsto)
5. Steene’s Madrabawn Fionnula Br.Wailing dob 20-04-05 (Ch Krisma Jammydodger ex Madrabawn Queen Maeve)


Limit bitch (15,2)
1.CC Purchon’s (newCh) Lindenka Kerrygan JW Br. Owner 26-11-03 (Kimgarwyn Apollo ex Lindenka Shannon)
.Griffiths’ Ch Karamynd Play To The Crowd Br.Owner dob 05-02-03 (Ch Hopecharm Willie Makeit For Karamynd ex Hopecharm Full Of Deelite at Karamynd)
3.Smith’s Killynether Koko At Lorbri Br.Molony ( Whynncreage Navajo ex Killynether Keepsake)
4. Smith’s Royalcartier Strike A Pose Br.Owner dob 04-07-05 (Ch Ashgate Aros ex Royalcartier Aim-For-Fame)
5. Kabel’s Krisma Roll The Dice For Llovall Br.Britten dob 17-04-05 (Ch Krisma Jammydodger ex Krisma Home Alone)


Open bitch (10,1)
1. RCC Lancaster ’s Clanestar Careless Spell Br.Owner  dob 02-04-03 (Ch Kristajen Casterspell ex Ch Clanestar Carefree Spirit)
2. Edmondson’s Pepabby Priceless JW Br.Owner dob 25-10-04 (Ch Krisma Jammydodger ex Ch Pepabby Precious)
3. Thomson’s Ashgate Maybole   Br.Owner dob 02-10-04 (Ch Ashgate Scott’s Progress JW ex Ashgate Mary JW)
4. Skelton’s Kyntilly Arum Lily Br.Johnson dob 09-07-04 (Ch Bellevue Trigger Happy ex Kyntilly Just Maybe)
5. Davis’s Ch Ashgate Amaryllis JW Br.Owner dob 13-05-03 ( Ch. Ariostea Pilgrim To Ashgate ex Ardelve Elliedaise by Ashgate)

ChComdaleActionManMacconachie TrophyWeb

Mr S and Mrs D Jennings with Ch Comdale Action Man winner of the Macconachie trophy for 2006, the second year running

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