Anybody who has made up a Champion during the year, or has a photo of a new Champion, please send photo to for inclusion on the Champions page


New Ch Here I Am Vom Deipen Brook
Dob 12-11-2005
Owner/br Luise, Tina & Bernd Deipenbrock
Sire Ch Krisma Streetwise
Dam Ch Madonna Vom Deipen Brook

New Ch Comdale Miss January at Hillsted
Dob 1-1-2011
Owner Fox, Br Jennings
Sire Ch Pepabby Prank
Dam Comdale Talk The Talk


New Ch Hillsted Same Again 
Dob 13-10-10
Br/Owner Mrs & Mr Fox
Sire Llovall Aint Misbehavin Mr
Dam  Hillsted Sweet Breeze


New Ch Lynnsto  Eye Candy,
Dob 30-4-11,
br: owner, M Dale
Sire Lynnsto Barclaycard
Dam  Lynnsto Smartypants

NewCh HavasuHugoBossCrop

New Ch Havasu Hugo Boss
Owner Jane  Jenkins / Br Crockett
Dob 22-8-2009
Sire  Havasu Alfie Moon
Dam : Charosmack Cracked Ice Over Havasu


New Ch Gilbri Town Tease
Dob 7-5-2012
Owner br Ray & Tracy Gaydon
Sire : The Dashing Devil’s  Streetfighter
Dam Ch Bellevue Town Flirt at Gilbri

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